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For certified translation is proud to meet virtually any authorized translation need that our customers may have. Whether your task involve simple daily translations or more complex material, you can be confident that your document will be translated in a  ‘timely’and ‘professional manner’. Other agencies offering translation services may promise you a similar level of quality and professionalism, but we assure you, no firm is as capable and qualified to handle your important documents. Dar Ibn Khaldun for ‘certified translation’ has a proven track record of working with documents in several fields such as legal, medical, technical, commercial, industrial and engineering.

Your business

Cannot settle for a second-rate translation when working with these important documents. The content and your client are much important to be subjected to a poorly translated document.  To prevent these poor translations, Dar Ibn Khaldun goes above and beyond to ensure only the ‘most qualified’ and ‘certified translation specialists’ are assigned to your project.

In order to maintain this high quality standard, Dar Ibn Khaldun must often look outside of Jordan, creating partnerships with foreign translation experts located around the globe. These translation experts are native speakers of the target language for the project. Native speakers ‘provide a superior quality translations ‘ and create the most compelling, readable texts in the target language.

Dar Ibn Khaldun’s commitment to excellence has driven it to search the world looking for only the most talented and ‘certified translation specialists’. While our highly skilled and certified translation experts are prepared to handle even the most complex documents, these seasoned professionals are bring their authorized translation services to more casual documents such as articles, brochures and certificates.

Dar Ibn Khaldun goes above and beyond to serve our clients by offering 24/7 support for each and every project. Our ‘certified translation specialists’ in Jordan are always available to provide status updates and answer any questions that the client might have. It’s no wonder that Dar Ibn Khaldun has a long list of ‘satisfied clients’ that are happy to return time and time again for their translation needs. Isn’t it time to join our database? Getting started is as simple as contacting our offices. Just imagine the benefits of receiving high-quality translations in a prompt and timely manner. Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation will certainly provide your business with an invaluable service.