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Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation is your all-in-one source among all authorized translation companies in Jordan. If you are searching for authorized translation services in Amman or certified document translation in Amman, you’re at the right place. We challenge you to find a better source for authorized translation in Jordan or certified translation in Jordan. If you need any translation in Amman or elsewhere in Jordon, feel free to visit us at our offices located in Amman.


Communication is one of the most important aspects of any business transaction or client relationship.

No amount of competence or goodwill can overcome the language barrier on its own. Speaking the same language is a core requirement for the successful operation of a business, especially if an organization seeks to expand its influence outside of its nation’s borders.

Certified translation agencies provide the means for global-thinking organizations to move confidently into foreign markets, communicating with local partners in their native language. Opening this line of communication is the first step of building relationships and garnering trust in the local market.

Too many companies rely on the ability of the target market to communicate effectively in English. While it is true that a growing number of people around the world are learning English, an organization’s ability to communicate in the native language allows the relationship with clients and customers to feel much more natural and comfortable.

Numerous studies have shown that customers are much more likely to purchase a product if the transaction can be completed in their native language. The same is true of organizations considering a proposal from a foreign company. Seeing a contract written in the native language of that country gives this potential client a sense of comfort and confidence that communication between the two parties will be smooth going forward.

Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation assists businesses in entering foreign markets, presenting a side of an organization that is passionate about meeting people where they are, speaking to them in their native tongue. Imagine your latest marketing campaign reworked to effectively reach your target market.

Working with an authorized translation agency such as Dar Ibn Khaldun means that you can confidently display your translated message in places like billboards and newspapers without the fear of the embarrassment that comes with a poorly translated message.

In the online sector, the world already has access to your site. Any web user, regardless of their location around the world, has access to the information and products that you have available online. The only question is, how accessible is your site for international users?

Many sites are only available in one language. The lack of additional language options makes these sites virtually unusual for those that do not speak the native language of the author. What can be done about this?

Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation is available to translate website text to and from any of the world’s major languages. Once the certified translation is complete, the site information can be easily accessed by users around the world. Imagine the possibilities!


Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation is proud to meet virtually any authorized translation need that our customers may have. Whether your task involve simple daily translations or more complex material, you can be confident that your document will be translated in a timely and professional manner.Other agencies offering translation services may promise you a similar level of quality and professionalism, but we assure you, no firm is as capable and qualified to handle your important documents.

Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation has a proven track record of working with documents in several fields such as legal, medical, technical, commercial, industrial and engineering.Your business cannot settle for a second-rate translation when working with these important documents. The content and your client are much important to be subjected to a poorly translated document. To prevent these poor translations, Dar Ibn Khaldun goes above and beyond to ensure only the most qualified and certified translation specialists are assigned to your project.

In order to maintain this high quality standard, Dar Ibn Khaldun must often look outside of Jordan, creating partnerships with foreign translation experts located around the globe. These translation experts are native speakers of the target language for the project.Native speakers provide a superior quality translations and create the most compelling, readable texts in the target language. Dar Ibn Khaldun’s commitment to excellence has driven it to search the world looking for only the most talented and certified translation specialists.While our highly skilled and certified translation experts are prepared to handle even the most complex documents, these seasoned professionals are bring their authorized translation services to more casual documents such as articles, brochures and certificates.

Dar Ibn Khaldun goes above and beyond to serve our clients by offering 24/7 support for each and every project. Our certified translation specialists in Jordan are always available to provide status updates and answer any questions that the client might have.It’s no wonder that Dar Ibn Khaldun has a long list of satisfied clients that are happy to return time and time again for their translation needs.Isn’t it time to join our database? Getting started is as simple as contacting our offices. Just imagine the benefits of receiving high-quality translations in a prompt and timely manner. Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation will certainly provide your business with an invaluable service.

Our Services

We are pleased to offer you our state of the art Certified Translation Jordan in the following fields


Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation is available to translate books, articles, research studies, contracts or certificates to and from all major world languages. You will be hard-pressed to find any other translation companies in Jordan that offer such an extensive list of source and target languages available for translation. The certified translation that Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation offers in Jordan ensures that you will receive the highest quality service.
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Need an interpreter for your next business meeting or international excursion? Consider hiring one of our authorized translation experts in the agency stationed in Amman, Jordon. These experienced professionals will surely add significant value to your next endeavor.
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Films and Documentaries

We also offer translation for films and documentaries. A service not offered by many other translation companies in Jordan, Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation is proud to offer the highest quality authorized translation in Amman. Our company can translate any visual media to or from each of the world’s major languages.
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Other Languages

We have a database of qualified and certified translators and interpreters who are experienced in translating to and from all languages, including: German, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Greek, Dutch, Bulgarian, Turkish, Chinese and Korean.
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Are you looking for a translation agency in Jordan that has a proven track record working within a certain industry? You’re in luck! Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation has a large client base across a wide variety of industries that include small and large businesses, hotels, law firms, hospitals, construction contractors, banks, government agencies, student organizations, insurance companies, engineering firms and even individuals seeking assistance with immigration documentation.This extensive portfolio of experience allows Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation to enter each and every client project with confidence. Our authorized translation experts in Amman, Jordan are prepared to translate virtually any document quickly, accurately and professionally. Nothing catches Dar Ibn Khaldun by surprise!Having years of translation experience within each of these fields gives Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation the advantage of knowing exactly what industry professionals are looking for in a document.

The quality of the translation is so high that your clients won’t even believe that the document has been translated at all! Still skeptical that Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation can provide the high level results that your organization needs? Feel free to browse through the long list of satisfied customers that are proud to have done business with Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation in Jordan.


As the world continues to grow closer together, your business is looking to grow and expand into new markets. You know that your organization has something to offer that everyone can appreciate. The only problem that you face is the language barrier.How many new customers will give your company a chance if they cannot communicate with you? Certainly, the need for foreign language skills is more apparent than ever. However, you do not have the time to learn these new languages yourself, nor do your employees. The solution is a certified translation agency that is committed to helping parties around the world communicate clearly and easily.

Dar Ibn Khaldun is a certified translation agency in Amman, Jordon specialized in English / Arabic certified translation, while offering translation services to and from all major world languages thanks to a world-wide network of authorized translation available 24/7 to serve your company and meet your unique translation needs.

What will your next translation project be?

Are you in need of a contract, charter or other legal document? What about a book, article or website? Maybe you’re even looking to have your movie or documentary translated! Whatever the project may be, Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation has proven experience beautifully translating a document into a new language. We here at Dar Ibn Khaldun for certified translation believes that if a document isn’t as beautiful in the target language as it was in the original, it simply isn’t good enough! Our strict quality assurance process works to ensure that each and every client receives only the highest quality product available. You, as our valued customer, will receive our best work on each and every project.

Are you ready to get started with us? Great! We can’t wait to hear from you! For your convenience, we have several ways for you to get in contact with us. First, for those living in Amman, Jordon area, our offices are located at Gardens, Wasfi Tal Street, Building No. 105. Office No. 101 in Amman. Please feel free to visit us to discuss your translation needs.

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