Salient Characteristics of Ibn Khaldun Translation Agency

Dar Ibn Khaldun translation agency is a translation services firm located in Amman Jordan. Its core competencies lie in provision of professional financial and technical translation services in Arabic and in other languages. The major clients of this translation agency comprise legal firms, commercial institutes, banks, financial institutes, computer services firms as well as electronic training and development firms. Besides, other significant economic sectors are also the major clients of this translation firm. The clients from the corporate world comprise LG, Hikma Quality, Pepsi, Middle East Insurance Corporation and Maersk.

            There are numerous well-versed proficient and well-versed translators working at this translation agency. They are capable of translating the content in many different languages like in Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Urdu, English ,Turkish ,Greek, Dutch, Bulgarian, Korean, Hispanic, Persian and in several other languages. The translation conducted is of premium quality, and is provided at competitive prices. The salient services rendered by this translation agency consist of translation of many books, research publications, manuals, operational catalogues. The translation center conducts translation of these research materials with utmost prudent and meticulous attitude. The interpretation services are amongst other eminent services of Dar Ibn Khaldun. There are numerous delegations, which visit different countries on tours and as part of political and business deals. The interpreters of this translation agency help to translate the content for these delegations in their native language.

            In addition, this translation agency also helps to translate films, movies, dramas and documentaries from one language to another. There are different movies produced in languages, which are not understood by the natives of other countries. There is a need for these to be translated to the native language so as to be understood by the native citizens of the country. At times, translation of the movies and documentaries from one language to another is essential from the national perspective. It is required to be telecasted for imparting knowledge regarding the values, culture, origins and belongings of a particular nation.

            The translation agency is even more useful in advertising agencies, which look for translators for translation of television commercials from one language to another. Many times, one country tends to play an advertising commercial of one country produced in a different language into another. This requires the services of well versed translators hired by Ibn Khaldun. For instance, there are many advertisements of Coca Cola Corporation, which are made in English language. These at times are required to be telecasted in Asian countries with different language dialects. At times, there are required to be played in Hispanic, Urdu, and Persian and in other languages. Here come the services of the foreign translators at Ibn Khaldun’s translation agency. They are competent in expertly handling the translation service for the advertising commercials for different countries. They take care of the national and religious values of the country in which the advertisement is required to be played in while translating.

            Overall, the translation service rendered by Dar Ibn Khaldun is of premium quality and is provided at competitive rates.

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