We are pleased to offer the following translation services:

Translation of laws, documents and contracts, companies’
articles of association, catalogues, specifications, operation and maintenance
manuals, films and documentaries, books and researches for graduate students. Translation
Companies in Jordan

We offer an accredited translation from Arabic to English
and vice versa, in addition to translation for all languages for immigration
documents including birth certificates, family books, land registration deeds,
insurance policies, bills of lading, invoices, power of attorney, driving
license, word processing, as well as applying computer programs, word, access,
excel and graphic design.

We now employ a vast array of translators and interpreters,
as an equal opportunity employer of men and women, with different backgrounds
of professional, technical, academic and religious experience, from legal,
financial, IT, political, religious, commercial, retail and other sectors.

We work 24/7, we know that the world doesn’t stop, its
morning in Amman and night in New York, you need an immediate response, a quick
reply and to be sure that your needs are met, contact us any time and we will
be ready to reply. Our service is a global, and as such the sun never sets on Dar
ibn Khaldun for Translation!

Our company is based in Amman but our reach is all over
Jordan; as through the internet we reach the world, and we are not limited in
whom we work for and how far you are. Our Translation Services in Amman
combined with our Arabic Translation Services Jordan are global; serving
customers in Jordan and all over the world, our reach has made many satisfied
customers in many countries. Official Documents Translation

We offer exceptional rates and also discounts for registered
returning customers. If you are in need of constant translation service, you
will get a better price as we understand that Certified Document Translation
Jordan on a constant basis can be expensive, so we acknowledge our returning
customers with an even better service. Become a VIP customer and get the best
prices possible.

Don’t wait, ask us for a quote, we will surprise you with an
exceptional price, amazing speed and an efficient service like no other.

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